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Inshore, light tackle fishing charters are my specialty for up to 4 people. I also do fly/spin fishing charters, shark fishing charters, and wading charters. We can go in the morning, day, or evening. You don't have to worry about getting sea sick - there is always a calm place to fish on the river even if it's a windy day. LEARN MORE

Boat Tours – Dolphin Tours

Want to just have a relaxing day cruising the river? I provide boat tours for up to 5 people on the St Lucie River and Indian River's where we can see natural habitats and a wide variety of plants, animals, and fish. We'll see lots of wildlife too like dolphins, manatees, stone crabs and all kinds of birds. LEARN MORE

Fish We Typically Catch

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I know the BEST places to fish on the St Lucie and Indian Rivers. The fish I prefer to target is Snook, Snapper, Trout, Tarpon, Sharks, Jacks, Pompano, Redfish and Black Drum. We can also catch varieties of Grouper, Ladyfish, Sand Perch, Catfish and others. Let's have fun and I do GUARANTEE that you can expect to catch fish.

Mandalay Island Fishing Charters | Stuart - Jensen Beach - Port Salerno FL

The treasure coast is one of the best saltwater estuaries for fishing in the world and it is home to some of the most exciting and fun Inshore fishing charters in the area. I stay on the inland water of the estuary & river systems, mainly the St. Lucie River which has a north & south fork, the Southern Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Lucie Inlet area. I also fish all the docks in the different areas.

fishing charters near me stuart flI know that when you charter a fishing trip you want to have fun and catch a lot of fish. There are several hundred types of fish available locally inshore/in the river/estuary. You can see for yourself all the local fish we have here  There are many species we can target and some we can catch just for fun!


The fish I prefer to target is Snook, Snapper, Trout, Tarpon, Sharks, Jacks, Pompano, Redfish & Black drum and I know where they like to eat! The bycatch we usually get are other Snappers, Grouper, Ladyfish, Sand Perch, Catfish and some others.

In our saltwater rivers we have 4 kinds of Snook (Common, Fat, Tarpon, & Swordspine). We have Tarpon and many kinds of Snapper, to name a few, Mangrove, Mutton, Lane, School Master, and Cubera. We have some grouper in-shore, some are Black, Gag, Red, & Goliath. We have Flounder, Redfish, which are also call Red drum & Channel Bass, and we have Black Drum fish. These are all types of fish people like to catch to eat!

There are several others that we catch for fun like Jacks (their full name is Jack Cravalle). We have Blue Runner which is related to a jack. We have Ladyfish. Two types of Catfish, one is called a Hard head, the other is a Sail Cat. There are many other species that show up in our catches like Sailors Choice, Sand Perch, Pin Fish, Goat Fish, Porgy, Sheepshead.

Sharks are here too and we catch Bull Sharks, Black Tip, Spinner Sharks, Lemon, and Nurse Sharks.  We do have inlet shark fishing charters for the more adventurous.